Non-Expandable 2 Zone System

The Robertshaw SlimZone® Classic 2-zone control panel is Simply the Right Choice™ to deliver conditioned air in two zones.  It is compatible with electric, gas, oil or heat pump equipment.  This zone panel can be used with conventional single-stage heating and cooling units as well as single-compressor heat pumps with auxiliary heat and dual-fuel (add-on) systems.  Add-on heat pump packages don’t require a fossil fuel kit since the SlimZone Classic automatically locks out the compressor when the auxiliary heat source is energized.  The Slimzone Classic works with any single-stage mechanical or electronic thermostat.  Even when used with heat pumps, auxiliary heat is controlled through a fixed timed upstage program.  The temperature is set independently by a single thermostat located in each zone. Air distribution to zones is controlled by rectangular or round motorized zone dampers with either two-wire spring return or three-wire power open-power closed actuators.
Robertshaw RS4000 series (non-programmable) and RS5000 series (5-2 day programmable) and RS6000 series (7-day programmable) are the perfect companions for the Classic panel, and you can add the RS456-WIFI Module to each thermostat for Instant Wi-Fi Upgrade for your entire zoning system!
The SlimZone Classic is wired directly to HVAC equipment.  A dedicated 24V AC, 75 VA transformer is required to provide electrical power to the zone panel.  The SlimZone Classic powers all zone thermostats and dampers.