Robertshaw Zone Control Systems are compatible with forced air heating and cooling systems, and they are ideal for homes and building that exceed 2,500 square feet.  Zoning systems help overcome many of the heating and cooling problems associated with spacious living and working area, as well as contemporary architectural features.  You should consider zoning if your project is a multiple-level home or building, a rambling structure like ranch-style housing or schools, and has:
  • Large glass windows susceptible to sunlight that varies internal temperatures at different times of the day
  • Wings or additions extending from the main area
  • Vaulted ceilings, skylights, atriums or solariums
  • Finished attic, basement or room over the garage
  • Concrete slab flooring
Model Damper Control Equipment Type Expandable Primary Zones Thermostat Type
SlimZone Classic 2-Zone System 2-wire, 3-wire Heat Pump 2H/1C, Gas/Electric 1H/1C No 2 Standard 24VAC
SlimZone Classic 3-Zone System SZC-3 (2701-001) 2-wire, 3-wire Heat Pump 2H/1C, Gas/Electric 1H/1C No 3 Standard 24VAC