The Robertshaw SlimZone® Deluxe zone panel is Simply the Right Choice™ for light commercial and residential applications.  It is designed for up to seven zones when installed with a single heating and air conditioning unit. The SlimZone® Deluxe is compatible with HVAC constant volume zone systems.  Each zone is controlled by its own thermostat and motorized dampers which are wired to the SlimZone® Deluxe zone panel using 18-gauge thermostat wire.  The zone panel utilizes microprocessor technology to monitor thermostats and is wired directly to HVAC equipment.  When temperature adjustments are required, the SlimZone Deluxe zone panel energizes HVAC equipment using selectable algorithms.  
The system consists of the SlimZone Deluxe master board which controls up to three zones.  It can be increased up to seven zones in two-zone increments when used with SlimZone Deluxe two zone expander boards. Air distribution to each zone is controlled by two-wire spring return or three-wire power open/power closed rectangular or round motorized dampers.
A dedicated 24V AC, 40 VA transformer is required to power the SlimZone Deluxe master board and expander boards. A 24V AC power supply is required to provide electricity to the zone dampers and thermostats.

Deluxe Zone List

Model Damper Control Equipment Type Expandable Primary Zones Thermostat Type
SlimZone Deluxe 3-Zone Expandable System 2-wire, 3-wire Gas/Electric 2H/2C, Heat Pump 2H/1C, Heat Pump 3H/2C, Gas/Electric 1H/1C Yes 3 Comm Stat