RS321P Slimline® Premier Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat
Replaces the following thermostats:

300-224 (SK3)
300-225 (SHC-7)
300-226 (SHP-2)

300-230 (SC-1)

*  New Features in BOLD

  • Universal Control with 2-Heat / 1-Cool Control for Gas / Electric / Heat Pump / Oil equipment
  • Auto Heat/Cool Changeover, or Heating Only or Cooling Only Configuration
  • Programmable:  7 Day, 5-1-1 Day, and Non-Programmable
  • From 1 to 4 Events/Day with Occupied/Unoccupied Scheduling
  • Vacation Scheduling from 1 to 365 Days
  • Patented SmartSensor Technology Allows Schedules to Use Local Sensor, Remote Sensor, or Average of All Sensors
  • Adaptive Recovery for Occupied Schedules
  • Intuitive Setup Menu for Easy Configuration of Options
  • Fan Selector for Automatic, Continuous or Recirculation Fan Operation
  • Programmable Smart Fan
  • Adjustable Deadband between Heat and Cool Setpoint in Auto Changeover, from 2°F (1°C) and 8°F (4°)
  • Adjustable Fan Purge Timer to Use All Conditioned Air at the End of a Heating or Cooling Call
  • Non-Programmable Configuration of Mode, Fan, Cool and Heat Setpoints
  • High and Low Setpoint Limits for Heating and Cooling
  • Room Sensor and Remote Sensor Calibration Offset
  • Commercial Lockout Mode with adjustable 0 to 24 Hour Override in 10min Increments
  • Restricted Temperature Adjustment in Commercial Lockout Mode; +/- 3°F (1°C) or +/-5°F (2°C) 
  • Resume Button for Cancelling Commercial Override
  • Adjustable Balance Points for Heat Pump Compressor and Aux Heat Lockout when Used with Outdoor Sensor
  • Selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius Display
  • Lockable Access Cover
  • CLK Terminal Input: Setback, or Mode OFF Function;  Non-Programmable Mode Override Timer Start
  • CLK Terminal Input (Setback) can be used with Optional Occupancy Sensors (Ceiling and Wall Mount)
  • Two Digital Inputs with LEDs:  LED1 (Green - Filter) and LED2 (Yellow - Fault) with or without LCD Icon Indications
  • LED3 (Red - Emergency Heat; HP Operation Only)
  • Advanced Remote Sensor Bus Sensors Allow up to 6 Indoor, plus Outdoor, Aux1, Aux2 and Aux3
  • (think Supply Air, Return Air, Walk-In Refrigerator or Freezer, etc.)
  • Random Restart on Power Up Staggers Restart of HVAC System After a Power Outage to Minimize Peak In-Rush Current for any Installation