The RS7000 Series Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostats are automatic changeover thermostats with up to eight programmable periods per day! It is designed for new and replacement residential applications. The RS7000 Series can be configured to control single stage conventional air conditioning, gas, oil, or electric heat, or heat pump HVAC equipment. The convenient, adjustable night light is also programmable! To restrict access, the thermostat can be locked via the thermostat or the app. The user also has the ability to restrict temperature adjustment ranges. 

Other features include:

  • 7 day and 5-2 day programming with up to 8 events per day
  • Wi-Fi connectivity via mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Web Portal for Direct Browser Access
  • Temporary or Permanent Hold
  • Easy Comfort Settings for Home, Comfort, Away, and Vacation
  • HVAC Equipment Control using dry contact relays
  • Auto Heat/Cool Changeover, Heating Only or Cooling Only Control
  • Fan Selector for Automatic, Continuous, or Recirculation Fan Operation
Model HVAC Equipment Type Voltage Battery Prog Events/Day Control Humidity Stages Remote Sensors
RS7210 Gas, Electric, Oil, Heat Pump Electronic Low No 7 Day Up to 8 Heat, Fan, Cool, Auto, Off No Heat: 2
Cool: 1